Oduvanchik, OOO is founded in May, 2010 in Barnaul. Since 2012 Oduvanchik, OOO is a authorized distributor of Volzhsky Orgsintez,OAO. In 2011 in Oduvanchik, OOO 2 managers worked with 3 partners. By 2012 the number of managers increased up to 3, and the number of partners to 39. At the moment the company represents team of 7 professionals, and the number of partners amounts more than 70.

The core business area of the company is the wholesale trade of petrochemistry and fuel additives. Our company will organize truck or railway delivery

The main value of the company during the work with clients is not the financial side of cooperation, but the value of the relationship based on openness and honest partnership!

Our products are intended for oil refineries, paint manufacturers, oil terminals, filling station chains and private producers. In the future expansion of the production line, increase in sales volumes, and also involvement of new partners is planned.

Working with our company you get a number of advantages:

Also the Company provide charity support to the Altai Regional Public Fund of Greco-Roman wrestling for children and young people named after honored trainer of Russia A.A. Kishitsky, and also is the sponsor of the racing team Belka and Strelka.