We carry out complex solutions for the development of formulas for fuels and additives and their introduction in the production of gasoline and diesel fuel at refineries, in the production of paints and varnishes, in the production of petrochemical products, also for private filling stations and tank farms (fuel branding). Oduvanchik Ltd provides the further business support of the clients.

The own modern research laboratory
We select any fuel additives and petrochemicals according to your needs
We work out the product improvement formula
LTD Oduvanchik provides the further business and production support of the clients
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Oduvanchik Company, welcomes you!

Why Oduvanchik? — Because working with us is as easy and pleasant as this flower of the sun.

The direction of our work — sale of petrochemistry and fuel additives.

Never before could you buy additives for gasoline and diesel fuel in your city so easily: you name a product, and delivery of petrochemistry will be guaranteed as soon as possible!

We can sell fuel additives or petrochemistry by wholesale and retail, that’s why don't worry that your requirements are so great — we are able to meet them!

Our site is created for your convenience, which means that you can buy absorbent, dispersant and depressor fuel additives or MMA or any other product of Oduvanchik on industrial scale in one click!

Look at the sections of our products.

To make it easy, we distinguished three sections: petrochemistry, gasoline additives and diesel fuel additives.

In each section you'll find useful information: from the advice how to store monomethylaniline to the explanation why add antigel to diesel fuel.

Are you still thinking how to buy methyl tert-butyl ether or antigel at acceptable prices? How to find a reliable supplier of additives and to raise the gasoline octane rating together with the profit?

Our experienced specialists are ready to promptly consult you on any question: petrochemistry and additives by wholesale, delivery and further employment of the products, uninterrupted supply across Russia and CIS — a question can be absolutely any.

Each sales manager has taken training before communicating with you, which means that the question "How to use the additive which lowers the pour point?" will not baffle them, and you will decide to buy antigel without fears for the product’s quality.

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